Pro Pack

*Courtesy of Mitchell1

Our Pro Pack is an enhanced Shop Management suite that helps you communicate with customers much more quickly, allowing you to increase overall efficiency and enhance your profitability. With literally more than one hundred possible customizations, you’ll get immediate customer responses using email or texts for service reminders, repair status updates, approvals for additional repairs and much more. Improve your bottom line even more by working with your social media channels, offering coupons for special services, notifying customers of upcoming services due and much, much more.


Lube Sticker Pro

With this handy tool, you’ll be scheduling your customer’s next service date before they even leave your shop! By using this one tool, your shop will be able to schedule what 3 out of 4 vehicles in any shop are most likely to have on any repair order. Now you’ll have an automatic system for bringing in customer vehicles on a regular, as-required basis.

Lube Sticker Pro will never forget to add service recommendations for your customer’s vehicle, and your Shop Management System will record the appointment for you. A windshield sticker is printed for you with just the click of a button, making this an efficient and productive tool that not only benefits you, but will also benefit your customer as well!

Message Manager

This will increase your shop productivity by solving intrinsic communication problems. We’ve all been faced with leaving messages for customers that go unanswered, costing your shop precious time and wasting shop resources like technician time and bay space! The Message Manager module adds your customer’s mobile phone number to your shop management system, allowing you to get in touch with them directly, quickly, and in time to get the authorization you need now, or to let the customer know their vehicle is ready! No more waiting for a response from a home or business phone…with Message Manager, you stay in touch and can do efficient and profitable work every day!

Report Pro

With Report Pro, you’ll have the ability to customize invoices, reports and other data with your own logo and information, as well as design custom coupons as an add-on to other recommended services. You’ll be able to search service history, invoices, email and other data, and even register tires as required by the Department of Transportation. In addition, you’ll be able to easily book and confirm appointments by simply scanning a QR code!