The changing landscape of Google and how Social CRM can help

Over the years, many algorithm updates have targeted low-quality content in an effort to surface this content less frequently in search results. What this means for you, is unfortunately loading up your website with meaningless keywords. This won’t help you get found it will only help you get black listed. Most algorithm updates are aimed at improving Google’s “understanding” of search queries and page content to better align search results with user intent. By using rich linking on your web pages and linking different content to areas of your website you will move up quickly in your searches. Blogging, meaningful social media updates, and reviews are important to your rankings.

The bottom line is that focusing on quality content, reviews, and the user experience really is the best way to ensure your search engine optimization (SEO) and quality content is being indexed, and you are found by your customers.

  • Provide content that is unique and relevant to your customers. Do not overstuff content with target keywords.
  • Ensure that visitors have a positive experience and get the information they need (searched for).
  • Focus on high-quality, credible sources, and only link to relevant content.