Manager SE

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Productive shop management doesn’t happen by accident. It takes analysis, market conditions and active personnel to provide direction and control of the various functions of shop operations. With Manager SE shop management software, you’ll have a comprehensive solution to organize, simplify, and direct your shop management tasks to make them more efficient, productive and profitable.

From estimating, to ordering parts, to creating valuable operations reports, Manager SE will save you time working IN the shop, and free up valuable time so you can enjoy life outside your shop as well! This very tool is the heart of productive and successful shops nationwide!

How does Manager SE benefit your shop operations?

  • Welcome Tools – Your Service Writers will have a unique snapshot of customer history, including previous invoices, history of repairs, amount spent in total, and upcoming service needs. We can even set it up to alert your customers of needed services via email, text message or postcard! (Optional modules required).
  • Quick, Accurate Estimates – Paired with the ProDemand repair information system, you’ll be able to greatly speed up the estimating process, using integrated parts and labor estimation tools.
  • Diagnostic Wizard – Based upon the customers’ descriptions of symptoms, you can create one-click ROs saving you time, and maximizing the use of the task information database.
  • License Plate Decoding – When a customer’s license plate is entered, the system decodes the VIN number to provide vehicle information, engine type, service history and details of the customer’s account. All in one quick step!
  • Online Parts Inventories – Just one click is all it takes to view the industry’s largest collection of parts vendors for the aftermarket, specialty parts, and tires. Immediate pricing and ordering is yet another way to save you time and money!
  • Automatic PO Generation – For every part purchased through the system, Manager SE will generate a trackable purchase order for your records. Increased accountability and profitability!
  • Integration – Manager SE integrates seamlessly with ProDemand to streamline your estimating and repair processes, as well as with ProPack, Mobile ManagerPro and SocialCRM modules.
  • Marketing – ManagerSE tracks the initial source of a customer visit, and can also attribute sales to specific advertising campaigns or referrals from existing enthusiastic customers!
  • Secure Data – All data in your system is automatically backed up to a secure remote location. If a computer fails, your information can be restored onsite the very next business day!

Manager SE will give you higher profits, better repairs, and more satisfied customers, who will help to grow your business with their reviews. Act now, and leave your competitors in your dust…be the “winning shop” in your market area!