Thriving fans?

As an auto repair shop how can you develop a thriving Facebook page with over 60 percent of female fans?

First you have to think like a customer. Remember for the average Jane taking your car to the auto repair shop is a lot like going to the dentist. No one really enjoys the trip. So if you were not a shop owner or a car fan how would you interact with a repair shop’s Facebook page?

You have to find ways to make the page interesting to all car owners. We recommend posting about things all drivers can relate to, such as traffic, commuting, safety and traveling. Be friendly and tag photos of your employees! Give them recognition and help engage the public. Build up your community; share events that are going on in your community. Educate your customers so they feel like you are the expert and lastly make sure you have plenty of reviews.

Mitchell1’s Social CRM is a great avenue for collecting reviews and getting recognition from your customers.