Mobile Manager Pro

*Courtesy of Mitchell1

Your profits are determined by the information your customer approves. When your Service Advisor is explaining the importance of a needed service or repair, your customer may not get the message. INCREASE your efficiency and profitability by showing your customer an inspection report complete with images, technical notes, and your recommendations instantly by email or text message!

  • CONNECT – You can send messages from your tablet to the front office, the technician on the floor, or anyone logged in on your information system!
  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY – With correct real-time information from your updated Shop Information System.
  • BE INFORMATIVE – Send photos and inspection reports by text or email for immediate customer review and contact!
  • IMPROVE SCHEDULING – By scheduling future appointments right now!
  • SAVE TIME – Write your Ros; scan and decode VINS and license plates right at the vehicle!
  • DRIVE MONEY-MAKING DECISIONS – Inform and contact your customer by text or email, for immediate confirmation and approval!

Compatible with Your Shop Management System

Mobile Manager Pro integrates completely with Mitchell1, ShopKey, R.O. Writer, NAPA TRACS, ALLDATA and others. You’ll see color coded task lists created by your shop management software right on the tablet!

Integrated Scanning and Decoding

You’ll never make another mistake with a license plate or VIN number. Using the camera on your device, you can photograph the VIN, making the information in your Shop Management System accurate and saving you time!

Job Time Tracking

You’ll increase your shop’s efficiency by keeping track of jobs and the technician working on them.  We’ve integrated a time clock into our software so you will know not only how long your job is billed, but also how long it took to complete. Information is the power to act, and with Mobile Manager Pro you’ll have that power at your fingertips from your desk, on the shop floor, or out at the car with your customer!