Truck Series

*Courtesy of Mitchell1

The Truck Repair Information That You Need, All In One Place

TruckSeries repair information for commercial trucks is the next step in the evolution of Mitchell 1’s repair information software. This suite of Web-based products for the medium- and heavy-duty trucking segments helps service professionals estimate labor times, diagnose and repair all makes of Class 4 through 8 trucks.

In a single application, with a single login, technicians can access all of the information that they need to repair trucks. Based on our decades of expertise delivering industry-leading repair information, TruckSeries is a time-saving solution that helps professional truck mechanics with every aspect of the repair process, from diagnosis to completion.

TruckSeries is the only comprehensive solution for the commercial trucking segment, covering all makes from 1990 forward. It can help you shorten repair times, increase the number of repairs that your technicians can do, and work more efficiently to grow your business.

Repair Information

With our exclusive, best-in-class truck repair information for Class 4-8 trucks, you’ll find the most complete data for all makes in one place, to help you speed up repairs and keep trucks rolling through your bays. Now you can stop flipping pages, swapping disks or calling a service line. You’ll have complete, automatically updated and enhanced information whenever you want it.

Features that will help boost your productivity include:

  • Wiring Diagrams – Our exclusive interactive wiring diagrams are the industry’s best – nothing else comes close, or makes troubleshooting so much less troublesome.
  • ADAS Quick Reference – Simply select a vehicle and click the Driver Assist (ADAS) QuickLink button, and you have immediate access to a table that consolidates all the ADAS information for components on the truck.
  • Photos – Take the guesswork out of repair jobs. Full-color high resolution digital pictures of components, connector views and locations mean you’ll have the best real-world insights, before you even pick up a wrench.
  • Specifications – No more hunting around for specifications separately — with context-sensitive specifications, torque specs are always available for your current lookup.
  • User-friendly Interface – Tired of trying to remember each OEM’s particular approach to information? With TruckSeries, you’ll find all our exclusive, best-in-class repair information presented in one consistent, easy-to-use format.
  • Automatic Updates – New content is automatically added every 30 days, so you know you have up-to-date repair information without the hassle of manual updates.

Labor Estimating

Estimates are faster and easier with the TruckLabor module of the TruckSeries truck maintenance software package. The Estimator tool lets you customize labor rates for services, and deliver estimates quickly and accurately. You can create standardized labor times for categories of work including engine, brake, suspension, transmission, electrical, HVAC, driveline/axles, and even accessories. Identify areas of your shop that need improvement by measuring technician productivity to see how well your business is performing.

Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures

30 seconds or less – that’s how quickly you can move from a trouble code to diagnostics. RepairConnect is the diagnostic procedures module in TruckSeries, and it delivers everything you need to quickly diagnose trouble codes. Input your vehicle’s VIN number and DTC and our system will decode that to find the year/make/model of your vehicle, and provide you with specific repair procedures within seconds.

You will spend less time diagnosing, and benefit from easier repairs with exclusive, industry-leading features such as full color, scalable wiring diagrams, and high resolution photos of components, locations and pin connectors. Torque specs are a click away from your repair information. All of this comes in a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to learn and use.

Get an Extra Efficiency Boost

You can accelerate productivity and profits even more when you combine TruckSeries with Manager SE Truck Edition, the shop management system for Class 4-8 that helps you keep track of all the moving parts in your truck repair shop. It’s another industry first from Mitchell 1: Shop management tools integrated with the fastest, more complete and accurate information to estimate labor times, diagnose and repair all makes of medium and heavy trucks — from a single application.