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Building Customer Loyalty Will Grow Your Business Automatically

You know how to run your shop how you should, and now, you’ll know even better how to keep customers coming back to only you, but also getting new ones through the door. When they leave, keep in touch, keep them happy, and share their reviews with customers you have yet to meet. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds.

Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM auto repair marketing solution has shown great success in helping shops like yours build better relationships with valuable customers to increase loyalty, retention, and bring in new business. We help you accelerate your marketing with very little effort on your part, so you can retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

SocialCRM offers many resources to help you become more proficient in the marketing industry, reputation management, social media and customer communication. Reach your entire customer database and their friends with targeted email marketing campaigns, automated thank-you messages, service reminders and more. In addition to keeping your current customers feeling valued car in and car out, at the same time, we’ll also share your verified customer reviews and increase your shop’s online presence to help you attract new long-term customers.

Here are some benefits you would receive by using Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM software:

  • Authentic customer reviews
  • Automated service reminders
  • Thank-you emails
  • Dedicated marketing support
  • Targeted email promotions
  • Email matching service
  • Personalized customer vehicle pages

Authentic Customer Reviews
Great customer reviews validate the excellence of your business.  With SocialCRM, you can generate more reviews at a faster rate by directly reaching out to your customers through their email and requesting a testimonial; but that’s just the beginning. The service includes verified customer reviews and a word-of-mouth marketing strategy that encourages your happy customers to share their review with their friends and family, so you’re building trust with every customer, every vehicle.

Automated Service Reminders
You have a busy day, so do your customers, that’s why it’s always a benefit to send your customers reminders about their service automatically. SocialCRM sends automated reminder emails to all your customers, so you can reduce cancellations and reschedules without having to manually keep track of every upcoming visit. That means you can spend more time on doing what you want to do – hands on work.

Thank-You Emails
It’s nice to be thanked for your hard work, and it’s a great idea to thank your customers for continuously bringing their cars to a trustworthy business, your shop. That’s why just a simple thank you can have a dramatic impact on customer loyalty. Your customer service is a critical part of your business, and that includes following up after you customer has visited your shop. SocialCRM automatically sends a thank-you email to every invoice completed every day, making it effortless to make your customers feel appreciated, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Personalized marketing support
You’ll have a dedicated marketing support agent to help customize and manage your campaigns and strategy every step of the way, so the work is always in good hands. No need to call us, we’ll call you on a regular basis to check in and be positive you’re getting the best possible results from your SocialCRM.

Targeted Email Promotions
Social media sites are great, but email is still where many people look for important reminders in their personal lives, and their business lives – that’s your best bet. Emails give you the space to include messages and pictures in a way that is more convenient and more personal than on Facebook or Twitter. This is where you can deliver special deals directly to a customer, instead of posting something on social media and hoping that it is seen by your followers. Email marketing gives an extra edge to your auto repair shop.

Email matching service
Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have everyone’s email address; we will find them for you. We jumpstart your marketing program by doing an initial email match when you join SocialCRM, and then do a match every quarter to keep your customer database up to date.

Social Media
Engaging with customers is necessary to building relationships and a returning customer base that will spread the word about their positive auto repair experience at your shop to many valuable people for you. The “social” part of the SocialCRM amplifies that word of mouth through social media and search engine friendly review content to be sure that consumers find you first when they search for auto repair near them.

Manager SE Integration 
The SocialCRM service integrates with the Manager™ SE shop management system to give you automotive CRM tools at the point of sale. You can quickly recognize and communicate with your most valuable customers where it really counts. You can be sure they will be impressed when you not only remember their name, but also thank them for their positive review they left at their last visit, even after you’ve responded to it online.
Included in your SocialCRM package, is a web-based loyalty service that provides your customers with personalized information about their vehicle(s) in a convenient, easily accessible website. The vehicle pages are automatically created with your shop’s branding, increasing your automotive digital marketing in the process. Every customer in your database receives their own website with their vehicle’s service history, scheduled maintenance, appointment scheduling, and consumer-focused auto repair information.