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Factual Repair Information that Increases your Productivity 

Time is money. Time spent gathering information, searching for repair instructions, diagnosing a particular vehicle has value. The less time spent in these functions, the more you can dedicate to the actual repair. With our ProDemand software, all this information, including scheduled maintenance and common failures, is right at your fingertips! The powerful search engine will have information on your screen almost as quickly as you type it in!

ProDemand® is a time saver throughout the automotive repair process, with tools for diagnostics, estimates and repairs. You’ll have real-world information from repairs on the exact vehicle you’re estimating. You’ll know the most common repairs, and most common parts that need to be repaired per code or symptom. Complete access to OEM specifications and procedures for each job, even the ability to see what other technicians have experienced…and how they successfully completed their RO. With the ProDemand Car Repair Estimator, you’ll write more productive and profitable estimates than ever before!

These features make ProDemand the top repair resource of successful shops everywhere:

  1. Top Ten Repairs – What are the most common repair issues for the car you’re estimating?
  2. SureTrack – With just a single lookup, you’ll have OEM and actual real-world techniques and experiences!
  3. Commonly Replaced Parts – Trends from the real-world, accurately establishing your diagnosis.
  4. 1Search – All this information brought together in a single lookup!
  5. Real Fixes – How other expert technicians did the repair, based on real ROs and their techniques!
  6. OEM Wiring Diagrams – Scalable, easy-to-read wiring diagrams to save you time!

With ProDemand from IDEAXLE, your shop will be more efficient, more productive, and you’ll be able to service more cars than ever before. This will result in higher profits, better repairs, and more satisfied customers, who will help to grow your business with their reviews. Act now, and leave your competitors in your dust…be the “winning shop” in your market area!