It's Time To Go Mobile

Customers Going Mobile

Every day, more and more of your customers are making the transition to go mobile. More often than not, your customer is checking email, messages, and social media on their cell phone – not their computer. That’s why it’s essential that your automotive mobile marketing messages look good and are readable on a smartphone. SocialCRM detects the mobile device that is being used and reconfigures the email size for friendly viewing.
Appointment requests, service reminders, thank-you emails and customer reviews are optimized for smartphones and tablets, so your customers not only receive your message wherever they are, but they’re more likely to read and respond to your message.

Mobile-Friendly Emails
With SocialCRM’s emails optimized for all mobile devices, you can be sure that your service reminder and thank-you emails look good on your customers’ phones. Customer review requests and automated appointment scheduling are built into every email, creating powerful word-of-mouth marketing opportunities and saving you time.

Appointment Request Screen
When your consumers click on the Request Appointment email link while on their phone, they will be pleasantly surprsied by your mobile-friendly appointment page. It’s a known fact that consumers respond better when the message they receive on their phone is formatted for mobile, because it’s less work for them, and no work for you to make it easier to read.