Prodemand with 1Search

Everything is pretty fast-paced in an automotive shop, the last thing you need is a tool you’re stuck waiting on. Something fast, something easy to use – essentially, ProDemand™ with 1Search™. This program beautifully combines OEM and experience-based solutions in just one search. We’ve never seen a quicker, easier to use machine that was as accurate as this.


Imagine ProDemand flawlessly integrated with SureTrack… It would help by diagnosing customer’s cars quicker, grants access to a larger resource of OEM data and Real Fixes to assist you in getting the job done quicker. SureTrack is stocked full of Real Fixes from real repairs in the past, expert techs have solved the problems before that you may be currently dealing with. Why turn away business because you’re unsure how to make a repair? Don’t lose more money by relying on what you’ve learned through personal experience – it’s better to rely on us.


Wouldn’t it be nice to find what you need on the first search? Sort of how on a search engine, it returns tons of options for whatever you may need. This can save you not only time, but money – by allowing you to get the job done quicker, so you’re able to service more customers on a daily basis. On top of that, you can see experience from other auto technicians who have solved this problem in the past.


You know when you’re typing something in, and it gives you suggestions to auto-complete? Isn’t that just the coolest thing? Well now, we offer that! Don’t waste your time looking up every specific little thing, let us give you general suggestions to save you seconds of time that can turn into minutes and minutes to hours, which is a better customer flow for you.


Diagnostics can take up a lot of time, wouldn’t it just be easier if they were faster – even maybe just easier? Have the best of both worlds! Begin entering your search and ProDemand will display a list of common DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes). Select a code and you have all the access to the OEM descriptions, procedures and SureTrack’s frequently replaced parts, it’ll even list off Real Fixes related to selected code.


ProDemand now makes it easier to narrow searches, by optional searching for a component. You can do that, or filter through several cateogories and pinpoint what you’re searching for faster than ever before.


Don’t you hate when you’re trying to zoom in on something, and the further you go: The more pixelated it becomes? Wouldn’t it be nice to zoom into intricate diagrams with complete clarity regardless of how far in you zoom? Now you can! You can also highlight, isolate and print specific parts in 100% color. While using ProDemand, all wiring diagrams are made with a consistent technique in all OEMs, so it’s quick and painless to read any diagram for virtually any vehicle in your database. You won’t need to learn multiple OEMs, which means less time on the computer learning and more time doing what you’re best at – making money.


Ever stuck trying to solve an issue on a car? Try to phone a friend, but they don’t pick up – of course. Worry no more! With top ten lookups, you can view what strategies other auto techs searched for to solve the problem you may be stuck on with just the click of a button.


It’s like a filing cabinet, online, at your fingertips. Rather than digging through piles of unrelated information, search for associated resolutions first, it’s fast, simple, and easy.


Why miss a TSB when you can use ProDemand? They’re delivered with a car lookup, so they’re instantly at your fingertips exactly where you want them! TSBs are consistently being uploaded to ProDemand, typically within two weeks of the OEM, so there’s plenty of confidence to be had when accessing the most comprehensive and accurate recent databases of TSBs.